<VV> 2004 convention dash plaque

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Wed Oct 12 14:20:26 EDT 2005

At 08:34 hours 10/11/2005, Kevin Spargur wrote:
>Pardon my ignorance but, what's a "dash plaque"?

They are those little square/rectangular brass or aluminum or rubbery 
magnetic material card-like mementos that  sit in the bottom of 
registration packets handed out to participants of Corvair 
shows.    ...except for the Lexington national convention.  The dash 
and glovebox door on the '67 coupe is covered with them.

For the Lexington show, we substituted a "Visit Kentucky" 
refrigerator magnet we picked up in the host motel, made a little 
"Sharpie pen" star on Lexington and stuck it on the glove box door to 
represent the 2004 convention.

They do tend to multiply after a while, almost like that tooth fungus 
thing...  I guess "plaque" is an adequate description since they're 
spreading across the dash.    I have others from other shows in 
envelopes which are slated to go on the ragtop's dash after it's 
repainted, seeing as how it's been to a show or two itself.

It pains me to consider that the venerable '60 4-door has only been 
to *three* Corvair shows and sports no dash plaques.       ...been 
just about everywhere else though.


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