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Record-breaking Mercedes 240D

A Greek taxi driver has donated his record-breaking Mercedes car to the
company¹s museum in Germany. Gregorios Sachinidis¹ Mercedes 240D has clocked
up a record-breaking 2.8 million miles (4.6 million km), and now becomes the
Mercedes-Benz with the highest recorded mileage known to date. The mileage
is the equivalent of six trips to the moon and back, or 82 times around the
earth. Mr. Sachinidis bought his car in Germany in 1981 with around 220,000
km on the clock, before driving it back to Thessalonica. Here it was in
service as a taxi 24 hours a day until July 2004. During this time the owner
was able to call upon the original engine and two spare units, deploying
them on a rotational basis 11 times in total. He was so pleased with his car
he wrote to company boss Juergen Hubbert to thank him personally for the
outstanding service. At a reception, Mr. Sachinidis was presented with a key
for a new C200 CDI to be picked up upon his return to Greece.

Pic of car


Pic of plaque


Nick Elzinga

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According to Volvo, it's over 2 million, and he still owns the car.


Norm Witte

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