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> I have no desire to get into an argument but I am confused:
> I can't figure out whose side who is on.. and what side supports what.

Hi Ron,
Well, the controversy would seem to be pretty clear to most of us, but if 
you're really serious, I will attempt to give you my take on the situation.

First, no one is proposing that anyone use SBC rocker arms on Corvair 
engines. They just don't work well. So forget using these rockers.

Next, one party, who has an excellent reputation for engineering knowledge on 
Corvairs parts, has tried to inform the Corvair community, that there 
currently are no rockers available in the marketplace that work well on Corvair 
engines. An alert for you.

This has been refuted by another person of high repute, who says that his 
rockers are correct for Corvairs.

Who is correct? We don't know for sure. but there is a message for us.

Check any rockers you are going to use to make sure that they are correct and 
will work. If you don't know how to do this, there are two things: read up on 
engine rebuilding, or ask for help from an experienced person.

The first person mentioned above, is also proposing that he have the correct 
rockers produced and offered for sale.

The second person says that he already has these for sale.

You decide! 

All of the above deals with stock rockers, and has no reference to any roller 

I hope that this explains the situation.

Bob Helt

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