<VV> EM Convert W/S--Door

corvairs lonwall at corvairunderground.com
Wed Oct 12 15:38:43 EDT 2005

My understanding was that the early design was used into 1963 - Over the 
years we HAVE sold the early design to about 30% of the people with 
1963's - so it would seem to bear this out. We list as 1962-early 1963 
and late1963 through 64.

Incidentally, those two strips are already available through another 
rubber supplier - Does this signal an end to mutually exclusive 
supplying by the rubber companies on Corvair parts? Not sure how that 
will effect us all.   Lon


kaczmarek at charter.net wrote:

>We are adding some parts to the Steele catalog for Corvairs, both early and late. 
>Our Supplier lists the EM Convert Doors as 62 early, 62 late prod.and 63
>Clark's lists theirs as 62 and 62-64, the difference being a 3 vs 2 pin (hole) Molded end. 
>Since I don't want to confuse anyone, please reply on what is what, is there a VIN cutoff on the bodies that show a change from one style to another, etc.
>Please copy our VP Walter Vaughn on your response wvaughn at steelerubber.com

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