<VV> Happy Birthday Wagon

Roger Gault r.gault at sbcglobal.net
Wed Oct 12 19:10:38 EDT 2005

And it takes a respectable man to drive one that far.
So who has more miles, the car or the driver.  The car certainly looks
better. ;-)

Only 280,000 on the '65 vert

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> Smitty says:  On the way back from the Fall Affair the wagon had a
> birthday.  It rolled up a crop of zeros on the odometer thereby
> completing 400,000 miles on the chassis.  I know somebody will start
> telling us all about the Toyota or V W Beatle that got 800 thousand on
> the clock and like Clark Cable,  I frankly don't give a damn or have any
> interest in your non-Corvair.  400,000 has to be a pretty respectable
> number for a Corvair.

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