<VV> Modeler's Club Update - minor Corvair

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 12 20:11:16 EDT 2005

First off, thanks to those who have volunteered to donate some modeling
magazines to our new high school scale modelers club. I had over 40 kids
register and 27 showed for the first meeting. Some of the others lost their
pass, were absent (a big problem at our school), or simply changed their
minds. I was pleased that they elected one of the 4 girls as club president
and that another girl locked in on a NASCAR model as her choice of what to
build. **There are now at least 27 more kids that know what a Corvair looks
like**, (and of course the sample that I teach them to build from will be
the AMT Prestige kit), and all seemed anxious to start building things. It
was apparent that this was probably the first ever club meeting of any kind
for several of them, but just about everyone was hyped up, especially when
I started throwing out the donated models or planes, ships, and cars!
(About half our students are on free or reduced lunch plans). One kid even
paid their dues with their lunch money (but is pretty healthy, so I don't
think it hurt:-). I have finagled a care package of models from IPMS, and
talked the principal into letting me use what is left of my supplies budget
for club supplies (it's math related :-). I am still open to any donations
Thanks again,
Grant Young

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