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Cars are registered by state.

Each state seems to have it's own rules about how they do it and how they 
keep (and how long) the records.

If you make some informal (read that - friendly and free) query's to Maine 
about what records are actually available, that should give you at least 
SOME idea about whether or not you will receive $75.00 worth of value.

SFAIK, there is no CORSA registry for '61s.

Go White Sox!  SFAIK there is nothing in the rules about sports.

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Later, JR
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I have the VIN number of my first car, 61 Corvair. Does anyone know of a
place/site, other than going through Maine DMV, to try and locate the
current or last owner of the car? DMV charges something like $75 or
something like that to do the search....
 Any help is appreciated.

Ron Tinkham

66 Corsa Convertable, 140, 4sp.

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