<VV> RE: dash plaques, awards, t-shirts etc..........

mopar at jbcs2.net mopar at jbcs2.net
Thu Oct 13 10:05:30 EDT 2005

Just an opinion on my part, but in my line of thinking a great logo is
fine. But it does not have to be done on everything..........to

Logo on maybe literature and program. How about something completely
different for the T-shirt?

Do the dash plaques have to match the awards?

If I was doing things, I would mix things up. How about an early model on
the logo, then maybe a late and a van on the dash plaque? T shirt including
a Wagon and an Ultra. Maybe even a choice on T-shirts, how about some with
an early, others with a late.

Nah...............no one likes original thinking.

Gary Swiatowy

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