<VV> high mileage Volvo -- Now Mercedes 240D (A little CORVAIR)

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Thu Oct 13 13:46:16 EDT 2005

At 03:25 hours 10/12/2005, Joe Robbins wrote:
>A 240D wouldn't have enough power to go up a small hill.

You want feeble?   Try a 190D.   It will hardly go fast enough to crash.

However, they are indestructible and they get remarkable fuel mileage 
on trips.   OK town car when it's in lower gears etc but you won't be 
winning any dragraces with one in traffic.   An 80/PG Lakewood 
station wagon will blow its doors.

...but I'd drive one all day and trust it.   Again, that's when 
Mercedes made a real car, albeit gutless in this 
instance.   Interestingly, the Vair and the 190D share appx the same 
vintage; evidently there was more substance and simplicity in mind 
for the cars of those years, and the KISS principle continues to reign.


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