<VV> Event conflict

gary l funkhouser vms.inc2 at juno.com
Thu Oct 13 12:25:34 EDT 2005

BRAVO Warren!!!! Your letter was well stated and well thought out. This
seemingly inflexibility by all parties involved seems to be a battle for
"turf" as well as whats good for the Corvair people. A lot of hard work
has been done by all these event organizers and I understand the
reluctance to change things even with some cases such as Lime Rock and
Mosport where the dates are still unknown and therein is a huge problem.
As you stated, there is only one 40th Stinger reunion and if that is
missed it would be very tragic. I hope cooler heads prevail and we can
all enjoy these events for 2006-2007. I vote to make you " proud ". OK
guys & gals, lets do the right thing.

Gary Funkhouser

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