<VV> RE: Cool T-shirts.........

Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Thu Oct 13 16:19:18 EDT 2005

At 09:12 hours 10/13/2005, mopar at jbcs2.net wrote:

>How about a convention T-shirt reminiscent of the old Ed "Big Daddy" Roth
>Say a Buffalo with bulging bloodshot eyes, with arm around a scantily clad
>companion, driving a blown Corvair doing a burnout with a police car in
>pursuit.........Anyone remember Rat Fink?

Back When, I did some van murals on occasion, and one of the 
paintings I did on a VW microbus was a 3 foot tall Ratfink.   He also 
appeared on a few other things I mortified.    RF is my 
hero.    Gotta love it.

I agree that a T-shirt sporting an abstract Vair ragtop driven by a 
snarling Ratfink grabbing gears with a shifter sticking up above the 
windshield bow would make for a rather dynamic image, especially if 
it's captioned in the period "font" of the RF era.    It also would 
have to be very colorful, add impact.    I'd buy one.


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