<VV> Rocker arms et al. (apologies for being long-winded)

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> Subject: <VV> Rocker arms et al. (apologies for being long-winded)
> The purpose of this note is to propose a VV or Corsa sponsored compilation of those parts necessary to rebuild a Corvair  engine.  

Folks--allow me to retort. 

Anecdotal reference. 

When I bought my first Corvair, I knew how an engine worked, and the parts involved. However, this didn't keep me from spending DOZENS of hours READING THE BOOKS....

Which ones??  Richard Finch,Clark's Catalog,Shop Manuals, Assembly Manuals.Artzbergers, at the time I didn't know about the Tech Guides or Complete Book of Corvair, etc.  THEN...I asked questions of every owner I could find.

end of sea story.  

Our forum, and the internet have made car people UNBELIEVEABLY LAZY!!!! THey don't want to do "their homework".  They don't want to spend time researching parts lists, making up their own lists of parts and questions about them, and then coming to our forum or meeting other owners at shows and events and asking questions. They want it all given to them in a simple package that says HERE'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW....

I'm not trying to be flippant, or to belittle our poster. He's certainly not alone. Here's what happens to me EVERY DAY at work. 

1. Cust. calls and orders a catalog, 10 days later it arrives. 
2.Cust calls back and says "I don't have time to look at this book, can't you just make me up a list of 'EVERYTHING I NEED FOR MY CAR', and just send it to me??

There are several problems here. I can make up an "on demand" catalog. 
But...as a former president made famous, What the definition of "EVERYTHING" Is, is different to each person. 
1st question I ask is, Do you need motor mounts?  They say NO. Do you need, say, a Windshield gasket? and they'll say NO. To which I politely ask, WHAT DOES EVERYTHING MEAN TO YOU THEN???  Cust says, Well, I just need the doors, and the trunk. That is by no means EVERYTHING available. It's just the customer not wanting to do his homework. 

Sometimes I would like to ask if they would like to fly me out to their town, look at the car, and make an order up for them. Later, I can fly back and install it for them. Occasionally I wonder if some of these people manage to wipe their own tail, or do they ask someone else to do that as well. 

Off soapbox now. 

As Co-Founder and chapter contributor to the Corvair Basics Manual, I would like to offer my sincere apologies if our book doesn't answer every question you have. 

Now, I have some questions for the newbies, lurkers, and disaffected out there who don't feel we're doing enough for you. 

1. What do you think we did before there was so much information available (the Internet)??? 

2.Do you belong to a CORSA chapter?? Does your chapter have a Mentor Program for new owners? Many of them do. Some chapters have found out that it's easier to retain a member by assigning them a Mentor, than it is to browbeat them about how their car looks/handles/leaks oil, etc. 

3. Have you bought the books? Have you read them? Made notes?, Posted lists of questions that YOU COULDN'T FIND IN THE BOOKS?  I don't see any of that here. 

4.Most adults who aren't camped on death's door can feed themselves. I feel this applies to knowledge as well. The information you look up and digest and get questions answered from is the information you will retain best. 

I can come to your house and adjust your valves for you. But you won't learn much watching me. Now if you get your own behind under the car, and DO IT under my direction, I am positive you will learn and retain more. Get my meaning?? 

This was recommended to me by a member of our group about 5 years before there was a Virtual Vairs. He didn't help me, but I got the gist of what he meant. I found someone willing to teach me, and that's how I learned. 

Perhaps what is needed is for our new members not to be spoonfed everything they would like to know. IFO would be happy to take a list of questions, and answer every one that can't be found in our available literature. As for the ones that are, OPEN THE BOOK---ABSORB THE INFORMATION--
Is that too much to ask?? 


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