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NicolCS at aol.com NicolCS at aol.com
Thu Oct 13 18:17:10 EDT 2005

Well, this thread is revealing...  I'm one of those that pretty-much sticks 
to answering the questions and other "on-topic" postings and I spend a fair 
amount of time looking up answers in my books when the questioner needs a 
specification or something that they can't find using their resources.  It's 
irritating to learn that a questioner isn't willing to look into whatever resources 
they have (even if it's just the Clarks catalog) before going online and asking 
me to spend my time looking it up for them and composing a reply.   

Ultimately, whether a questioner reads it in a book or reads it on a computer 
screen it's all reading - it's just that the questioner isn't willing to 
invest fifteen minutes of their time reading what they have in hand while they are 
willing to ask VV members to spend fifteen minutes of that individual's time 
(perhaps many times that if several people answer the question) to look it up 
for them. I'm sorry but that perspective shows a pretty high lack of respect 
for other people's time.  

Every Corvair owner should at least have the factory manual for their car.  I 
expect that all of us have the Clarks catalog and there are a lot of answers 
in there plus Bob Helt (and Bill Fisher before him) pretty much put to paper 
all the side tricks and "secrets" that we so often discuss here. This is not to 
mention the Corvair Basics manual. OK, so you aren't willing to spend any 
money beyond the factory manual, I can live with that but I take issue with those 
who aren't willing to invest ANY effort and expect all the answers free, 
online, at everyone else's expense.
Craig Nicol

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