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Thu Oct 13 19:12:58 EDT 2005


Do your homework before you begin a project on your Corvair, whether 
it's rebuilding the engine or just putting new brake shoes on. Read 
about it.


Bruce W. Schug
CORSA South Carolina
Greenville, SC
bwschug at charter.net

CORSA member since 1981

'67 Monza. "67AC140"

Truer words have never been spoken.  I tried doing my homework before I did the job but somehow managed to still screw up my brakes.  I was sitting in the office (OK bathroom) reading the Tech Guides when I saw a picture drawn by Lew Rishel showing how to properly put the springs in.  Of course, I had them completely wrong.  I put them back on the right way and all is well.  So I have to take back what I earlier said about the Tech Guides, if for no other reason than Lew's sketch, they are usefull.  But I still say they're a little pricey!!!!!


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