<VV> I suggest we do NOT always provide answers... but rather; we teach where to find the information. was: Books

Joe West joew at diveaz.com
Fri Oct 14 11:16:24 EDT 2005


Probably no surprise to anyone that I would feel this way, but sometimes it
is better to teach people where to find the answers rather than give them
the answers to their questions.

There is simply no need for *anyone* to keep providing the same answers to
the same questions day after day after day.  It IS a waste of time... when
the answers to the most commonly asked questions already exist.

Time is the most precious commodity that any of us have... whether we
realize it or not.  This majordomo is a GREAT resource, but... if a question
has already been asked and answered dozens or hundreds of times... for
ANSWER.... if the source of the answer isn't easily accessible (such as the
answer lies in a book the person asking the question doesn't own), provide
them the answer and recommend that they purchase the book for future

If the answer lies in our archives... point them to the archives and let
them find the answer.


If you are a retired person who has all the time in the world to answer the
same question over and over; go ahead and respond with the answer if you
have the time.

My point is this:

With so many resources available, it is always a better idea to tell people
asking questions where they might find the answer in addition to (or in
place of in the case of our archives) providing them the answer.

I would LOVE to see everyone who posts a question to this majordomo... start
their email with the following:

"I've checked the archive, but I can't find the answer there so..."

There will be people who don't know about the archive... but sooner or
later, the vast majority of people will know because of my:

"You'll find 2,546 responses to (insert subject here) at the following
location http://www.virtualcorvairclub.com/(insert thread search here)"

I'll take care of the ignorance concerning the archive... and thereafter it
is simply laziness if people don't take the time to do a simple search
rather than ask the same old questions over and over.

And for those of you who think it is perfectly okay not to teach people how
to find information themselves... consider that seeing the same old
questions day after day after day does NOTHING more than drive the experts
we have on this group away.

Joe West

"Cruising is to motorcycling what Etch-a-Sketch is to art."

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