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How DARE YOU omit my favorite books?

-Why Earlies are better than Lates
-Cold Valve Adjustments Made Easy
-Electric Fuel Pumps for Dummies
-Whines and Cheeses: a Guide to Virtual Vairs
-All Choked Up: Carburetor Repair for the Fuelish
-Give Me a Brake: Increase Your Stopping Power
-How to Turn Corvair Steering Boxes into Money
-Your Corvair Sucks!: How Carburetors Work
-When Vendors Attack!!
-Up or Down? The Convertible Visor Controversy
-Burst-O-Fuzz: Undocumented Corvair Options
-How To Increase Your Drive: A Guide to Transmission Repair
-Watt's Wrong with the Electric Cooling Fan?
-True Confessions: I read the Tech Guide!

Bill Hubbell

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> Ok here's my list in order of importance for technical books -
> Corvair Underground catalog (What did you expect? Actually I have always
> had a lot of technical info in it)
> The Basics Book
> Appropriate Shop manual(s) for your car
> Corsa tech Guide
> Corsa Tech Guide supplement I
> Corsa Tech guide supplement II
> The Junkyard Primer
> The Classic Corvair
> How To Keep Your Corvair Alive (dated but still a classic)
> The Corvair Decade
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> Lon
> www.corvairunderground.com
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> I agree with your list Lon but feel that The Classic Corvair should be 
> above the Tech Guides and Primer and I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, that 
> you don't have Clark's catalog on your list.  What were you thinking????
> mike

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