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> I found that he
> had a slight intake valve leak and told him it wouldn't run any better
> till that was fixed.  I also found a float valve leaking slightly so I
> replaced it.  He asked if I would show him how to rebuild the carbs and I
> agreed, so next weekend we went through that procedure.  I reminded him
> he had a valve problem that would have to be fixed before it would idle
> at 100%.  Next thing at a club meeting a few weeks later I see that he
> has a pair of Clarks or Young's or Hatches carbs on the engine.  I asked
> him why and he said, there was something wrong with the ones I had
> rebuilt because it wouldn't idle real smooth.  Then he asked me to
> synchronize the carbs.  It told him to read the instructions I had
> provided.  He didn't know where the instructions were.

This is not JUST  in Corvairs.....the average person retains approx. 5%  of 
what they're exposed to....visual / aural / reading.

Then there's the "lack of TITLE / Paperwork"    No matter how successful you 
may be at XXXXX    if you do not SELF PROMOTE.....you are at the bottom of the 
list.....sad but true...

Then there's the "it'll cost a lot to HAVE SOMEONE ELSE FIX IT FOR ME"...so 
surely it's a simpler problem than XXXX  told me....

That's what I love about buying cars with "Big"  problems......almost always 
the total bill is far less than the estimate.....vs  buying something  
supposedly perfect....

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