<VV> Providing Answers

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Fri Oct 14 16:53:51 EDT 2005

For me it is relaxation to think about something else than analyzing all of 
the protocols a server is responding to and figuring out which should not 
be there. Being able to make a recommendation that does not take two years 
to find out if it is right is another.

Of course we all face the help desk lament - the way we find out that 
something is fixed is when the person with a problem stops calling.

I am learning a lot here but that does not mean I am starting at ground 
zero, have a few years experience and usually gravitate to things others 
shun: electrics, suspension, and induction.

That said just about all of my Corvair knowledge was far out of date and 
the only simularity between the 110/PG I brought home and the Corsa I used 
to autocross was a top that falls off. So I have been soliciting tips. 
Turns out most of the early ones were right and had to dump all 
preconceptions (It ain't what people don't know that's the problem, its 
what they know that just aint so." - Will Rogers). It was not helping that 
my test equipment was lying to me either.

Think I am pretty close to a baseline now, just hopefully routine things 
left (replace the balancer, fix the gas gauge, install the temp gauge, add 
a PE needle...). Nice thing about a Corvair is that it is really a pretty 
simple car. These days I need simple things.


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