<VV> I suggest we do NOT always provide answers / NOT

Norman C. Witte ncwitte at wittelaw.com
Fri Oct 14 18:38:26 EDT 2005

I think that if we spent as much effort answering "in the book" questions as
do rehashing this issue from time to time, we'd save half the keystrokes.

>From one who has asked -- and had answered -- too many dumb questions to
list, thanks.

I just got off the phone with Ray Sedman, who spent probably half an hour
walking through the process of sorting out my turbo motor.  Much of the
information was in the shop manual, but after reading it, I was more
confused than ever.  One of the reasons that I love Corvairs is that there
are so many people out there who will be delighted to answer questions and
help in  just about any way imaginable.  I can't begin to list the names,
but you know who you are.

Corvair people are great.  So let's quit bitching about the book, about
repeat questions, about vendor wars, and get back to our regularly scheduled
off-topic posts.  gggggg

Now, I'm gonna go home and work on my Corvair.


P.S. One more shopping day until the new bankruptcy law takes effect.

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