<VV> Chesapeake Corvair disbands

mhicks130 at cox.net mhicks130 at cox.net
Fri Oct 14 18:49:08 EDT 2005

Wow, that's beyond sad.  Our club (Tidewater Corvair Club) was just talking about membership issues at our meeting this week.  We seem to be doing OK but some of the longer term members (I was going to say old-timers but that sounded insensitive) are lamenting the days when there was a LOT more participation in things.  This is my first year with this club and I'm enjoying it, I hope they last for a while longer...

Sorry to hear about your loss.


I am sad to say that this club of 30 years is closing the books. Dwindling 
members and the loss of Corsa chaptership, has put us at a point of being 
Its been a good ride......

Harry Yarnell
Perryman Garage and Orphanage
hyarnell1 at earthlink.net


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