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Actually, I was the one burned by the young lady who needed the cylinder 
head swap - I did all the work for her (Hank Horton provided the engine but 
I pulled all the parts, and did all the work in my driveway, etc).  All I 
asked of her was an article for the club magazine and I never got it.  She 
left the club shortly after I got her car running - sold it without even 
telling us.
    Similar thing happened to me.  Some years ago I was driving locally and 
spotted a Corvair pulled over by the side of the road so I stopped.  He had a 
tow truck there who was offering to tow him to a garage.  When I asked what the 
problem was, it turned out to be a fanbelt that had jumped off the pulley.  
So I told him to save his money, send the tow truck away and I'd fix it for 
him.  Since I wasn't in a Corvair, I had to go a few miles home, get the correct 
wrench and return.  I reinstalled the fanbelt (which wasn't damaged), adjusted 
the tension and gave him my phone # and told him about our local club.  He, 
of course, didn't offer to pay me for my time but promised to "have me over for 
a drink" and come to a club meeting.  As you might expect, I didn't hear 
anything from him for about 2 years until one day I got a call from him (he still 
had my name and number) wanting to know if I would buy his Corvair.  I told 
him to send an advertisement to our newsletter editor but I don't think he ever 
    I call these people "parasites".
    Frank "disheartened" Burkhard

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