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> Seems all they really want is for us to become their private mechanics.

I cannot believe how  niave some of you are!   But then again you grew up in 
a sheltered life????  gggg

Always GET something 1st.......watch these people  to see who / what they 
are...Just like you shoud be doing in your everyday life!

Be realistic!     Are these folks really "into Vairs"???  Have they ever 
driven one before....or a AirCooled V W Beetle / Porsche?  There's always 
exceptions to the rule....but odds are....IMO

Coyote Vairs [  Vista, Ca. ] will always give lots of info / 
advice........drive the car to 2 or more meetings...with SOMETHING  done  since the last 
meeting.....and things start to happen!  gg

BUT, I recently helped an elderly man who had no real love for the 
car.....but had owned it for decades.....wanted to drive it again.........before he 
died.........which he did last June.....

Matt Nall / Patiomatt / WCUH / Mr. DeckRug
69 Monza Cpe., 66 Monza vert, 65 Crown v8 Cpe.
Somewhere between Reno, NV and Coos Bay, Or.

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