<VV> Balancer replacement

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Fri Oct 14 22:37:23 EDT 2005

Just installed the rebuilt Dale balancer and it was an interesting 
experience. Did not want to drop everything so invested in one of the 
BlueChip ( Bluechipmach at aol.com) - double meanings are popular - balancer 
pullers.  Rubber was extruding from the old balancer and while it did not 
look too bad (http://padgett.ws/files/hb.jpg ) I felt better replacing.

Had a few people reconmmend using a steering wheel puller but suspect that 
would have been futile, the Blue Chip is *exactly* the right size to remove 
the balancer (I needed every thread), and the thick disk to fit over the 
end of the crankshaft is not something you would find just anywhere.

I used the "attach a long wrench and hit with a hammer" method to remove 
the bolt and it worked very well. I would suggest moving to TDC before 
removing to orient the woodruff key up (at about 1 o'clock) and visible. As 
mentioned the last turn of the big remover bolt is when the wheel came off.

Smeared the enclosed green Locktite on the first inch of the new wheel and 
gently maneuvered into position and on far enough to be firm. Since you 
cannot see through the hub I was being very gentle not to dislodge the key. 
Was on far enough by hand to start the main bolt & proceeded to pul into 
place. Could get about 90 degrees on each tighten since had moved the 
vacuum advance out of the way but boy howdy that took a lot of turns.

When tight I used the manual impact method to tighten then verified it was 
at least 45 ft-lbs as in the Dale instructions with a 3/8 torque wrench and 
a 3/4 crowsfoot (540 in-lb = 45 ft-lb and was near the limit of my 3/8 but 
no way a 1/2" wrench would fit). If you install the belt first I could hold 
it tight enough to keep the engine from turning while torqueing.

Moved the distributor back and set to 8 degrees static. Fired engine, 
checked for any wobble (none) & put tools away. About an hour and a half 
end-to-end (am very slow). Was surprised the balancer did not just loosen 
and then pull off, was moderately tight all the way off and all the way on.

So the Blue Chip puller is certainly worth the price if the engine is in 
the car and you want to keep it that way.


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