<VV> Re: lower shrouds and blow by by engine story....

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Sat Oct 15 04:53:10 EDT 2005

i like to leave them on , if nothing for looks, but i pull the pins on the 
doors and remove the stats and mounts (i drill the rivits ).
right now i checked my rampy last night and it is breathing so bad thru the 
pcv pipe that if it is hooked up to the air cleaner it does not run right, if 
you take that hose off it runs ok and pushes a stream of steamy smoke out 
several inches (this is warm at idle). if you plug that hose, in seconds you hear a 
hiss of air pressure out of the opil fill and the distributor over the noise 
of the engine running. i have a new engine on the bench , but cant get to it 
for a while.  this engine was built about 15 years ago with forged pistons 60 
over and total seal rings. a friend of mine had the mate to this engine do the 
exact same thing last summer and the rings were broken on 2 pistons.i wonder 
what i did wrong on them? both sets of pistons , rings , cylinders , came from 
the same source. i drive my truck a lot more than the other engine was 
driven.(it was in a serious senior show car) i guess i better not plan on driving it 
on the club fall tour tomorrow..darn. i am glad it survived the vermont tour 
ok, it had some heavy hill climbing there. lucky to get home with it. i know 
one thing i will be doing this winter..as i prepare to move.
regards, tim colson

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