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> Hi All, 
>  I have a 1966 140 4-speed convert, no smog heads, no A/C. My info  
> suggests main jet size is 0.050 and secondary carb jet size is 0.046. I am 
> not  
> completely satisfied with the performance (not smooth at acceleration  2000 
> RPM to 
> 3000 RPM and  some hesitation/lurching as secondaries kick in.  I want to 
> know if anyone else is using jet sizes different from factory  recommended 
> sizes 
> to get smooth acceleration and secondary transition.

Welcome to the group!    Yes, gasolines are formulated  much differently 
today....mainly they're oxygenated....less  gas in a given volume.

I hear most are running 52 /50         but I'd try  leaving the 50's up front 
and put the 52's in the secondaries.....

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