<VV> Apparently,VIN number 5996 is a Corsa model

Russ Moorhouse corvair65 at verizon.net
Sun Oct 16 17:47:29 EDT 2005

This is the same car that about a year ago was on e-bay.  They at least 
didn't call it a Corsa, but they also made some pretty wild claims about it 
being only a one or two owner and never wrecked.  Someone on the list had 
owned it at some point and I think he was owner 3 or 4 and he knew of a 
number of others that owned it after him.  He also knew it was wrecked.  I 
thought at that time the mileage was around 23 or 24K miles.  It didn't sell 
on ebay, because they had a price of 20K on it.  It was Williams Chevrolet 
in Elkton at that time who had it for sale.  I heard that at the Atlantic 
City car show they were asking 10 or 12 K for it and still couldn't sell it. 
I called them about a month before the Newark, DE Corvair show this year and 
they still had the car.  I was hoping they would have it at that show, but 
they didn't.

I suppose they will have a better chance to find a sucker to buy it in CA, 
then little old Elkton, MD, especially with a good size Corvair club  just 
down the road in Newark, DE.

Russ Moorhouse
'65 Corsa coupe 140 HP
Group Corvair Member
Corsa Member
Kent Island, MD

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