<VV> Apparently, number 5996 is a Corsa model....

Stan East sgeast at interlog.com
Sun Oct 16 12:51:09 EDT 2005

And if you look very closely at the dealer oil drip tray under the engine
it's between the front wheels..


Stan East


Previous comments..


"BBRT" chsadek at adelphia.net wrote.


And "optional" S10 front spoiler.


Chuck S


"Norman C. Witte" ncwitte at wittelaw.com wrote.


> Ron, the price is completely justified.  Didn't you read the ad?  It also

> has power steering, power brakes, leather, and the reclining bucket.  It

> wasn't EVERY '69 Corsa that was optioned that way! Just ask Mark Corbin.


> Norm


> PS  Some of the less astute might confuse this car with the '69 Spyder

> model....



 4carbcorvair wrote.


>> http://www.automart.com/vehicledetail/adid-16940023/1969/chevr

>> Chevrolet/corvair-corsa/sacramento/ca

>>  Kind of a high price.....


>> --

>> Ron Tinkham



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