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Bill Wells brierpath at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 17 09:04:46 EDT 2005

In my opinion, Kevin hit it right on the head.
I will add something that maybe hasn't occurred to most. The VV forum allows anyone to grab the ear of a very large audience. I belong to probably the largest club in CORSA, perhaps second largest. In the past there have been a few "underdogs" who have complained on this forum about not being helped or supported by their club. VV was quick to jump to their defence and try to shame the local club(s) into getting this member on the road in their Vair. What has not been made known is the attitude of the "underdog". Maybe they attend two meetings a year, establish relationships with nobody and are generally desperate. One such member traded in his wife's Volvo for a late convertible that was junk and then screamed for help getting it repaired because she could not get to work. This same person was a darling on this list for some time.
The moral of the story is that the local club gets to meet them and determine their needs. VVers across the country who demand they be helped have no idea what the situation is locally. A decent person who desires help and is willing to learn, help and develope a relationship with the club or member will get help. A person who has backed themselves into a corner with a vehicle and thinks joining a club entitles them to all they need with no committment, may get surprised.
It should become obvious that what Terry and Ned do in Kansas is very special and I suspect, successful, because the are building relationships as much as engines.
Bill Wells
Kevin Spurger wrote:

You're preaching to the choir on being used and abused for the 
each of us posses.  I for one have been taken advantage of just as you 
though not in regards to Corvairs and such.

I was brought up to always do good and to help others and that, 
eventually- if done with the right heart/mind/attitude, it will always 
come back in time.  Sometimes, I wonder exactly when all the good will 
come back though that is not the reason why I did what I did at the 
I did it.  There have been times where I needed help and the very ones 
who I had helped were "too busy" or "don't have the time".  Other 
I helped only to see my work show up in someone else's hands and the 
person I helped receiving the credit for it.  Though it did/does 
bothered me, I knew my heart was in the right place and that was all 
that mattered.

Knowing what I know now, will/would I do it again?  I'll answer with a 
resounding MOST DEFINITELY!  My heart and attitude were/are in the 
place and, in the end, that is all that matters in the eyes of God.  
Does it mean that I will probably be taken advantage of in the future?  
Most likely so.  As a result of past "perceived" injustices, will I no 
longer offer or be less likely to provide open help outside of the 
of directing individuals to the source for their answers?  Most likely 
not except in extreme cases... such as those where people absolutely 
refuse to either help themselves or are not willing to learn.

All I am saying is, don't give up on people.  We must educate those who 
ask for assistance but we must also be willing to take that education 
beyond the scope of just pointing those same people to a paper 
reference.  Do you remember the older Chiltons manuals?  They give 
details for certain procedures but fail to enlighten as to what other 
steps you may need to perform in order to get to the place where you 
perform what you need to.  My experience with both Chiltons manuals and 
computers has taught me that, unless someone has the technical 
background to accompany the printed resource, the printed resource in 
most cases can be more of a hinderance than a help.

To each his own.  I will continue trying to help others as I would like 
to be helped.  If that means I get taken advantage of sometimes, then 
be it.  However, I prefer to look at it as another opportunity for me 
learn and to help them learn.

Kevin Spargur
'67 Monza 2-dr HT
Jacksonville, Florida
n Spurger wrote:

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