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<< << Wish I could compare it to the Grissom course.
  tim mahler
  wanting to try again >>
 Seem you're having lots of fun. Wish that I could do them all.
    The Grissom event was cold at first but finished out nice and sunny.
 We didn't get into 3rd gear gear but were wound out in 2nd at one spot and 
 didn't quite need to down shift to first. 
     There was one sweeper which you were forced to enter and exit on the 
 inside line. I was working near that corner when Michael ran and got to see 
 scaring some passengers as he swept the sweeper in a broad slide like a 
 car. Front drivers have no idea of how much fun this is---we don't care if 
 not the fastest way--but it might actually be. . 
    Some of these scared passengers were Tom Miller who is the editor of 
 Clatter and Scotts new lady, Mindy, who is trying to relate this to barrel 
 racing with horses. 
    Michael won the STS class. His Stinger is a popular winner. I didn't do 
 well in the EM class but had a great time visiting with friends that I 
 seen all summer. Four EModified cars at a local event must be a record. Jeff 
 Rapp finished just out of the trophies in Street Mod. He has lots of 
 imporvements planned for next year. 
    Portions of the course were presumably a replica of this years National 
 course---I wasn't there. The course was easy to follow, but didn't allow 
much in 
 selection of lines ( yeah, sometimes I like to select the wrong ones. ) 
 one had a great time.If we don't get out again this year ,we had a great 
     For you technophiles: I had changed the -'64 Corvair roadster over from 
 Paxton Supercharging to turbocharging with an intercooler because the 
 supercharger requires 18 horse power  to turn it and just shreds the belts 
when leaving 
 the corners. Just the opposite of a light flywheel.
   I could feel the extra freeness in the engine but didn't develop all that 
 much boost. (I employed riders to watch the boost guage). I haven't had the 
 courage to do a compression check , but suspect this 8 year old 3100cc boost 
 receptacle is just worn out.
    Plans are for a complete rebuild , new reverse ring and pinion ( instead 
 of reversed engine) and new aluminum brake calipers. The left rear caliper 
 locked on the entire 5 run event. It hadn't been run in a year and was 
    Congratulations to Indy region and to Larry Harts for a great event.  
      Congratulations to Steve Linn for proving that borrowed cars do go 
   Just loved seeing everyone again,

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