<VV> Corvair Safety Document

Kevin Spargur southernheritage at bellsouth.net
Mon Oct 17 11:31:11 EDT 2005

To all on the list:

At the end of September/beginning of October, I commenced an endeavor to 
obtain the July 1972 gubment study which exonerated the Corvair.  Once I 
received the microfiche, I then had a problem locating a way of printing 
it out but, thanks to a local college, it was accomplished.

I have since obtained access to a high speed scanner which enabled me to 
scan directly to PDF format.  I split the document in half and now have 
two PDF files that are about 3.5mb - 4.5mb in size respectively.  The 
document has not been cleaned up nor indexed however, if anyone is 
interested in these files and cannot wait for the finished product, 
please e-mail me and I will send you the files.

Kevin Spargur
'67 Monza 2-dr HT

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