<VV> Re: PG pouring out fluid (UPDATE)

Jim McLott Jim.McLott at DOR.GA.GOV
Mon Oct 17 14:49:21 EDT 2005


Smitty's right on this, I think.  The seal I replaced on Christine
didn't look bad to me either, at least until I was done taking it out!
My advice is to put the new seal in, put everything back together and
cross your fingers.

I'm no expert, but from your description it sounds like your stator
shaft is OK.  I wish I had a digital camera so I could send you a
picture of what my old one looks like.  If you hold a straightedge along
the shaft, you can clearly see light where the grooves have been worn
into it on one side. I'd guess they're between 1/64th and 1/32nd deep.
(The other side is smooth.  Go figure.)  It's on my desk here at work,
doing double duty as a paperweight and a conversation starter. 

Good luck!

Jim McLott & Christine, the 1966 Monza convertible she-devil
Member: CORSA, Corvair Atlanta and Group Red (Ret.) 


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 i still think that the seal that is causing your major leak from the
bell housing is the seal inside the differential 
> at the end of the pinion shaft.
Smitty says:  Unless I am missing something I would have to disagree. 
When that seal leaks it transfers fluid from the tranny into the diff. 
The one that leaks out the bellhousing is the one that the torque
converter hub slides into.

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