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Kirby Smith kirbyasmith at gwi.net
Mon Oct 17 17:17:18 EDT 2005

Don Schaefer wrote:
> Thanks for the enlightenment and the suggestions. I did go and check
> the muffler at lunch break and it was heavily coated with soot. Will
> change oil to 20w50, and check budget for turbo rebuild, and front
> ball joints, and windshield, and.............at least I can drive
> it!Don Schaefer
If you prefer spending money on tools and education to spending it on 
others, this is a project you can do yourself.  I did mine around 1970 
when I was considerably less informed than I am now (although my memory 
was better :).

Most of the needed directions are in the service manual.  You will need 
a turbo rebuild kit containing the needed seals and IIRC, the shaft nut. 
    Things that will help are:

  - Remember that the nut is LH thread
  - If you use cold parts cleaner (cresol) on the compressor side 
aluminum housing, be sure to keep it well below the water seal line or 
you will get a stain at the interface
  - You may wish to obtain a sand blaster and a bag of glass beads to 
clean the turbine housing.  The turbine may need some cleaning also. 
Don't blast the bearing surface.  Use the cresol soak to clean it if needed.

The latter two suggestions are moot if you get an automotive machine 
shop to do the cleaning for you (with suitable caveats).

All of this assumes that you aren't interested in differently-optimized 
turbos and related modifications.

Once the turbo is rebuilt, remember that turbo rebuilds are a lot more 
trouble than spark plug replacements, so even if you are using cold 
plugs, idle the engine after "spirited" operation to let the oil cool 
the turbo seals.


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