Rick Loving ral1963 at comcast.net
Mon Oct 17 21:50:37 EDT 2005

Knock-off wire wheels are always prone to loosening.  I think that every
owner of Kelsey-Hayes or Dayton's that I have talked too said the same
thing.  When I bought my 63 the PO had eventually given up on the lead
hammer and switched to a BIG steel one.  Beat the living crap out of the
ears to the point they were almost destroyed.  

Back to your friend's problem, I will have to assume that he has them on
the correct sides, as they have directional arrows with thread patterns
for that specific tire rotation direction.  They will self loosen
quickly if you have them on the wrong side.

Have your friend make sure the rims are balanced well to further reduce
vibrations that will lead to early spinner loosening.

I eventfully planned on trying to see if wrapping some Teflon tape (pipe
tape) around the threads to help absorb some road vibration and increase
the resistance between the threads would prevent them from loosening.

I would also pick up an extra all lead headed hammer (as not to use the
original hammer) and as routine habit give eact spinner ear a whack at
every gas fill-up.  

Make it a routine, just like checking the oil.....

Rick Loving

Subject: <VV> Re: WIRE WHEELS

any secret to keeping wire wheels tight?  one of our club members has 3
with them and has troubles keeping them tight at times.  guess cars with
wheels should be trailer queens? but oh my they look great.
regards, tim colson

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