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Chris C, Warwick RI ricorvair at cox.net
Tue Oct 18 13:49:16 EDT 2005

>Thanks for all the replies.
>Equalized the tire pressure and checked 185/80/13 all the way around.  20 
>in front 25 in rear
>Finally got the car into the garage to do some testing.  Here is what I 
>found out.
>On all four
>            front
>22 7/8" 24 1/4"
>21 7/8          23 1/8
>         rear
>If I jack it up from the middle of the cross member the passenger side of 
>the car is off the ground about 2 inches before the drivers side tire is 
>The rear measurements stay about the same.
>When I lower it if I put the drivers side on a 1X8 the front evens out and 
>the rear gets marginally closer.
>Thanks to all.

>At 11:03 AM 10/6/2005, you wrote:
>>At 10:03 hours 10/06/2005, Chris C, Warwick RI wrote:
>>>Is their any soft of on the car measurement I can take, or is pretty 
>>>much an obvious answer.
>>>Also, does this mean the shocks are junk also?
>>The shocks may or may not be shot, but unless they're siezed up, they 
>>will NOT have an effect on ride height.   Your problem is springs.  One 
>>side is likely sagged badly or maybe even broken.   Earlies seem to 
>>exhibit cracked front spring troubles more so than lates... at least in 
>>my experience.   For instance, I've changed out several broken springs in 
>>the fronts of earlies but none in lates.   Sagged front springs are a 
>>typical issue in all Vairs, while the rear springs don't seem to sag as 
>>often although they aren't immune.
>>My bet is a front spring that's sagged or cracked.
>>Try a simple trick to narrow things down.   If you have a floor jack, 
>>pick the car up by the center of the front crossmember and check the ride 
>>height in the back at the tops of the wheel wells to the ground.  If both 
>>sides are the same, the problem is in the front springs.   Check the "low 
>>side" spring and see if it's broken.   You might have to look up inside 
>>the shock tower to check all of the spring.   It may only be sagged and 
>>not cracked but it's a good idea to check it while you're there.
>>Either way, front spring replacement is not all that terribly difficult 
>>if you have a spring compressor (rent one at the local rent-a-joint) and 
>>some tools to include a ball joint removal tool (also can be had at the 
>>rent-a-joint).    You can do it yourself if you're *careful* and/or have 
>>a knowledgeable Vair guy available to lend a hand.   In any event, the 
>>shocks have to come out to remove the springs on an early model 
>>Vair.   That's usually the hardest part about swapping springs if the 
>>shocks have been on the car for many years... wrestling with the top 
>>securing nuts.
>>By the way, you should replace springs in pairs.   Vendors could fix you 
>>up with a couple of springs.   You might wanna consider HD replacement 
>>springs for the car.   Handling improvements with HD springs up front may 
>>surprise you.
>>>Two kids, Xmas is coming.
>>I hear ya...
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