Tony Underwood tonyu at roava.net
Tue Oct 18 15:45:53 EDT 2005

At 06:50 hours 10/17/2005, Rick Loving wrote:
>Knock-off wire wheels are always prone to loosening.  I think that every
>owner of Kelsey-Hayes or Dayton's that I have talked too said the same
>thing.  When I bought my 63 the PO had eventually given up on the lead
>hammer and switched to a BIG steel one.  Beat the living crap out of the
>ears to the point they were almost destroyed.

Bad news there.   The brass mallet (or lead if that's what was 
available) should be adequate as-is.

>I eventfully planned on trying to see if wrapping some Teflon tape (pipe
>tape) around the threads to help absorb some road vibration and increase
>the resistance between the threads would prevent them from loosening.

I'd not use anything on the threads except some grease.   No tape.

>I would also pick up an extra all lead headed hammer (as not to use the
>original hammer) and as routine habit give eact spinner ear a whack at
>every gas fill-up.

...or, do like everyone else I know does, and safety-wire the 
spinners so they don't loosen.   Works with the Limey sports car and 
Cobra kitcar bunch.


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