<VV> Benefit Concert Coming - No Corvair

grant young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 18 16:34:23 EDT 2005

While there is no Corvair content here, I know there are many fans of the
Bellamy Brothers out there in Vair land. The brothers David and Howard
(with whom my wife and I attended school at our local high school) have
agreed to do a benefit concert for us in little old Dade City, Florida.
And, since there will be limited publicity and tickets, I wanted to let you
folks in the area in on it. You can contact me for more details and
tickets, but the short of it is that it will be held in our school stadium
on January 8 at 4-7 PM. All of the proceeds go to the high school
(everything except some minimal stage hand costs is being donated), some of
which will make it to my track team and scale modelers club (based on the
number of tickets I sell :-). We are 7 miles from I-75, about 25 miles
north of Tampa. I am getting the word out early as there will only be about
5000 or so tickets (ranging in price from $25 to $300). The "worst" seats
will be less than 150 feet from the stage). It might be a great Christmas
present or nice getaway. The big local car show will be the night before.
Just let me know, and thanks for the space.
Grant Young

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