<VV> apolgies re rant & CHT

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Tue Oct 18 18:11:41 EDT 2005

I wrote
> >Also I know of no *law* requiring airbags,

and was wrong ( well, I didn't know, was out of date). Since 1997 all 
passenger cars sold in the US have been required to have two front airbags. 
My apologies to the group.

Personally, I do not care for them but I always wear a seat belt. Have 
mixed emotions. Florida stopped requiring mortorcycle riders to wear a 
helmet some years ago. My opinion is that anyone who doesn't wear a helmet 
on a bike is dumb but agree it should be a personal choice. (My license is 
endorsed for "motorcycle also").

Do understand that if it were not a requirement, few would buy as an option 
since it would be over $1000 so have mixed feelings on the subject. Of 
course since we do not have a National Health Plan either (a few years ago 
my wife was injured while in the UK. National Health there worked very 
well.) of people's stupidity do not affect my tax dollars.

OTOH if the government feels its citizens are property then it would not 
want them injuring themselves (when in the military we were told that a bad 
sunburn could be grounds for a courts martial).

So have enough mixed emotions about the subject not to have a real opinion 
other than my personal cars do not have airbags.

Meanwhile back to Corvairs - got the harness for the dual CHT gauges run 
and the gauge itself is now mounted where the clock is supposed to go inna 
Monza dash (seems to be a good place for any 2"-3" gauge). May not even 
bother putting in the Corsa dash I just repainted , this should tell me all 
I need to know and a tach is not necessary with a PG.
http://padgett.ws/files/dashcht.jpg .

Now I just need to wire the engine compartment. From the info gathered from 
VV the plan is to put the senders on the #2 and #5 plugs since these seem 
to be the most likely to drop valves in overheat.


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