<VV> Serpentine Belt? - belt noise

Chris & Bill Strickland lechevrier at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 19 03:32:33 EDT 2005

The use of a lubricant, and that includes soap, to quiet a noisy belt is 
valid only as a means of diagnosing that it *is* the belt making the 
noise, and therefore the belt either needs to be adjusted or replaced. 
My preferred lube for this type of testing is is water, commonly know in 
some circles as Evian. Water, applied normally from a hose, causes no 
permanent damage nor contamination of the belts that might induce 
further slippage or noise.

I have sometimes been able to use aerosol belt dressings to quiet a 
newer belt that is noisy.  I do know a friend of mine that had the 
timing chain replaced on a fairly new, at that time, Courier pickup on 
account of a mis-diagnosed fan belt noise.

I  would not think that intentionally applying an insoluble lubricant to 
the V-face of a Corvair belt could possibly be a good idea unless for 
some reason you are trying to induce belt slippage ...  [Okay, maybe to 
prevent embarrassment at a club meeting, knowing that you are installing 
that new belt in the trunk when you get home.]

Bill Strickland

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