<VV> Corvair clutch diagnostic puzzle

Geoffrey A Johnson geoffj at unm.edu
Wed Oct 19 19:43:04 EDT 2005

I agree with Craig.  On Friday the same thing happened in my '63.  The 
bushings in the clutch pedal pivot went out, allowing a lot of slop. 
Also check that the allignment shims on the end of the transmission to 
crossmember are there.  I have seen them fall out and cause the same 
problem.  Scary!

Geoff Johnson.

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Doug Mackintosh wrote:

> Hello gurus!  I need some diagnostic help.
> 2-1/2 months ago I replaced the clutch cable on my daughter's 1964 Spyder.  Since then it has been driven by her regularly, and the clutch has worked fine.  Last night I drove it to the movies, and as I turned into the parking lot and pressed the clutch, I felt something through the pedal and suddenly the clutch began engaging very close to the floor.  Besides the sudden change in the engagement point, I noticed no other problems.  We drove home after the movie (about 30 miles, probably a dozen clutch operations) and it continued to engage just off the floor but otherwise operated fine.  There was no deterioration (as might be expected if the cable were stretching).

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