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Bruce Schug bwschug at charter.net
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On Oct 20, 2005, at 10:53 AM, Padgett wrote:

> Keep in mind that any relationship between the advts and the real cars 
> is purely coincidental. For the ads, they often made extensive use of 
> sandbags and airbrushes to create the low , wide look the marketeers 
> wanted..
> For a picture of a LM with replacement springs etc & P185/80R13 BFGs 
> see http://padgett.ws/files/vair5.jpg (yes, I know the hubcaps are 
> rong).

Good pic of your convert.

Keep in mind that most lates came with 7.00-13's which are even bigger 
than the 185's on your car.

Looking at an old brochure or a car with real 7.00's will show that 
they were really huge!


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