<VV> Tirez 7.00x14 replacements.

EVERETT WILSON aircooled6 at prodigy.net
Thu Oct 20 14:35:00 EDT 2005

I put some 195/75r-14 on my 67 4 door. Got some junky
rims off a 80 or 81 Lemans for cheap and although they
make the stance a bit wider, it handles nicely. 
Certainly accentuated the fact that the car was badly
in need of an alignment though!! 

I had heard that 195/70-14 was good for zeroing the
speedo, but no whitewalls were to be found.  I went up
the half-size (for lack of a better term) and
according to the radar unit that pops up now and again
in our neighborhood,  its off by 3 mph.  If I read 35,
Im going 38.  Stayed consistent thru the range I was
willing to run on a residential street.  (no, not
60!!)  I had some 205/75-14s from my almost back to
life Greenbrier that I put on the car for a while,
phew!  those were very tall!!.

Everett Wilson
North Richland Hills TX

--- Bryan Blackwell <bryan at skiblack.com> wrote:

> IMHO, the best match currently available is a
> 205/70-14.  There just 
> isn't anything in a 13 that's as big anymore.  The
> 14" rally wheel with 
> those tires gives a nice "factory" look even though
> it isn't stock.

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