<VV> Re: Alternator running without battery

Thomas Stingl tsc01 at corvair.de
Thu Oct 20 17:18:26 EDT 2005

> My 61 Rampside with LM engine, Alternator: User switched his brains off
> instead of the ignition: removed battery cable, and engine surprisingly

Got it fixed: Regulator (Transistor version) had the gen/alt light circuit
damaged, got replaced and it's fine, and a few minutes after my mishap engine
power problems started and got worse, this got cured by a new coil (there
was a very old one installed anyway). Luckily the alternator was spared,
probably because engine was idling only.

Thanks again for the hints,

Thomas Stingl   ts1 at corvair.de    Karlsruhe, Germany
1961 Rampside - 1963 Corvan       ULTRA EuroRep/Ambassador

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