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J  Roberts said that the vair engine turns the opposite way of all  other
engines. Well, when I open the hood of any other GM car I have ever  seen,
with longitudinal engine, such as my El Camino 350,  and look at  the front
of the engine , it looks like it turns the same way as my vair  engine, when
I look at it (vair engine) from the front ( the differential  end) of the
engine. Am I mising something after all these years  ??

And According to Bob benzinger, the reason for the choice of the rotation  of 
the Vair motor was the equipment GM had for cutting the hypoid Ring &  Pinion 
gears. The gears are cut - relative to the teeth - the same as any other  GM 
car of the era. Of course, the power input rotation into the pinion gear was  
changed by the use of a hollow main trans shaft - Also of Note, Honda  
4-cylinder car engines - prior to the S2000 model - rotate the same way - viewed  at 
the flywheel/output end - as the Corvair. -  Seth 

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