Corvair Attributes Re: <VV> Vega

Kirby Smith kirbyasmith at
Thu Oct 20 19:48:40 EDT 2005

FrankCB at wrote:
>        So the Corvair was AHEAD of its time in this as in many other things.  
> E.g., current cars are NOW bragging about having fully independent 
> suspensions in the rear.  What took them so long?
>        Frank "the more things change....." Burkhard

This can be blamed in part on the SCCA, which in the interest of TransAm 
competitiveness, set the American auto industry back decades.  The 
SCCA, which was really out of its league running the TransAm, feared 
that Penske/Donuhue/Chevrolet would put a Corvette rear end on their 
Camaro and gain a further "unfair advantage."  The SCCA pre-emptively 
banned IRS in TransAm.

In spite of claims that racing improves the breed, stagnation is often 
the case in many (US) venues.  I recall the SCCA trying to keep the 
Corvair from competitive club racing until Yenko shoved their rules down 
their throats.  And was it USAC that banned Corvair powered Meyers [sp?] 
Manxes from future Pikes Peak Hill Climbs after their Indy cars were 
embarrassed?  Good thing for Michelle Mouton that they forgot to also 
ban sedans.


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