<VV> Fuel Gauge

Padgett pp2 at 6007.us
Thu Oct 20 22:25:38 EDT 2005

As previously mentioned my next project was to repair the stuck-on-E  gas 
gauge and had been running down the tank to minimise the drain/refill to 
one five gallon can. Did pretty good since after jacking the front end up 
high enough to slide the can under and applying jackstands, I could just 
drop the hose (5/16" fuel line about 6" long. Any time I remove a hose I 
like to replace it) into the mouth of the can and wait.

Was pretty close it stopped about two inches from the top (nice thing about 
a plastic gas can is that you can shine a light on one side and see how 
full it is from the other) and thanks to the angle of the pipe, siphoned 
enough so that almost none leaked when sender removed. Found very little 
sediment in bottom of tank.

Note that this was the first time I have removed a sender without dropping 
the tank and have decided that the next Clark's order is going to include 
C7264R gas sender remover wrench unless someone can suggest a source for 
considerably less than $25. Was able to remove with the plastic hammer and 
screwdriver method but could not clamp the new ring the last 1/4" to lock. 
Enough to seal until I get a tool, doubt if ever would leak but want to do 
it right. New ring and doughnut (well greased) may have been part of it but 
could not get the right angle on all ears.

Once apart the fault was as expected (earlier I removed the connection from 
the tank & gauge went to max so knew either the sender was shorted or the 
float was sunk) , the brass float was full of fuel. New plastic float and 
new sock (old one did not seem bad but since had it apart, replaced. Was 
interesting that the sock cost more than the float. Checked the resistances 
on the bench and the stamped 90 ohms was found with smooth operation.

Buttoned everything up and put a new end on the ground strap (broke off 
when removed), dropped car, and poured gas back in. Turned key. Needle 
stayed on E. After a few moments an infinitesimal movement was seen, 
evidently this car has about 3.5 gallons left at E. Put $10 of 93 in at 
local station and now reads 1/4. Success.

Moral: If going to remove sender without dropping the tank, better have a tool.


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