<VV> low octane gas accident

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> It didn't knock and ping on the way home but I'm a little concerned.  
> Should I be?  If it does start pinging is there anything I can or should do?  On 
> the other hand, if it doesn't ping, I wonder if I can't just put the cheap 
> stuff in all the time.  
Finally you're experimenting to find out what you really need for 
Octane....even if by mistake!  ggg

1/2 93   1/2 87    90 octane.......if no ping stop at 89.......

If it pings..let off the gas enough to stop the rattle....or disconnect the 
VA....until you put higher octane in...

ALL  owners manuals prior to Engine Computers......always stated....."a 
slight pinging ocassionally shows you have the correct octane!"

This was before "the Dumming of America"  where people were expected to 
think..be aware...

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