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On Oct 20, 2005, at 3:05 PM, Vukas, Robert wrote:

> Clark's Tire Comparison chart lists the 6/50 x 13 diameters at 23.75
> inches. The 175/80/13 tires are listed at 24.O inches. Coker's tire
> chart measurements for their 6.50 x 13 tires list them at 24.7 inches 
> in
> diameter. 185/80/13 tires measure at approximately 24.6 inches. This is
> comparable to the 7.00 x 13 tire. Whose measurements are accurate?

As Bryan replied, Coker's dimensions are accurate. Unfortunately, the 
tire dimensions in Clark's technical section, along with similar 
information in other places, such as the CORSA Tech Guide, and "How to 
Keep Your Corvair Alive", are wrong.

Your statement above that "This is comparable to the 7.00 x 13 tire.", 
of course should read, "this is comparable to the 6.50-13 tire."

Previously, we had quite a discussion about "Books" - suggesting that 
people should get several Corvair books and study them for information 
on Corvairs and for answers to their questions. The unfortunate thing 
here is that some of the information in these books is simply 
inaccurate. Knowing what is wrong is the trick.


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