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> *In Theory* a Corvair 110 in 
> good condition should have no problem running on 87 with the timing 
> adjusted for the faster burning fuel.

Hi Padgett,
A good theory, but the facts don't bear this out at all. 

First, there are two distinctly different 110hp engines supplied by 
Chevrolet. They are so different and their combustion characteristics so totally 
different, that it makes no sense to lump both of them together in a theory like 

The data that we have, supplied by Chevrolet, shows the 1964 110 hp engine to 
require a very high octane rating to: 1) develop max torque and to 2) avoid 
detonation. The octane required by this engine is way higher than that needed 
by the 1965 140 engine (per Chev data) to achieve the same purposes.

Bob Helt

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