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Fri Oct 21 14:49:34 EDT 2005

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The VAST  majority of modern drivers never use the parking brakes on their 
modern  automatic cars... "that's what 'park' is  for"...


I am actually being converted slowly. My wife's Intrigue and the Avalanche  
are both automatics. I have always been lazy in the driveway, never setting the 
 parking brake. The truck will, for want of a term, "Take a set" against the  
parking pawl in the automatic, when I let off the foot brake, making it hard 
and  noisy to pull it out of park. (as in "clank!") My solution to this is to  
keep my foot on the brake, put the truck in park, apply the parking brake, 
then  let off the foot brake. This works in both the Avalanche and the Intrigue. 
It  makes it easier to take the car out of park when it is time to go.
If you think that is a bother, my 6-speed Corvette will not let you out of  
the car, until you put it in Reverse gear, even if you put on the parking 
brake!  It does become second nature, but it is still a pain - and a "feature" that 
they  have dropped for 2006! I am hoping for a retrofit!  -  Seth  

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