<VV> Rodent Repellent

Larry Forman Larry at Forman.net
Fri Oct 21 22:15:59 EDT 2005

Hi Rick,
Found here was a mouse/rat banquet meal:

1/3 each- Portland cement, sugar, and flour. Mix and serve.

Make sure no other animals will get at it.  Rats/mice LOVE the stuff, dine, 
get VERY thirsty, and LEAVE to die.

I understand it works wonderfully.  But a kitty cat will do wonders 
too.  More maintenance, however.


At 08:28 PM 10/20/2005 -0500, The Tysons wrote:
>With the winter season rapidly approaching in MN I am in need of a
>bullet-proof method for preventing the little furry creatures from dining on
>my newly refurbished interior.  In the past I have used dryer sheets as well
>as moth balls.  What is the "state-of-the-art" method for keeping those
>little rodents from making a winter home in the Corvair interior?
>Rick T

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